Fire Extinguishers

Be prepared with strategically placed fire extinguishers to meet code requirements in high-risk areas and with easy access without interfering with normal operations. When properly placed and maintained, almost all fires can be extinguished when caught in the early stages.
Fires can begin in any business or building even if you are not performing activities that would be considered high fire risk. Having fire extinguishers can help control or extinguish fires before help arrives. Proper installation and maintenance of this equipment can greatly reduce the risk of harm and injury to your employees, customers and anyone else in the building.


Fire extinguisher installation in new or existing buildings will be at an optimal height for easy access and use. Proper brackets are used to secure them to the wall while maintaining the ease of removal when needed.

Regular Inspections

Monthly and /or annual inspections of equipment are needed to not only maintain optimal functionality, but also adhere to all guidelines set by the NFPA as well as state and local codes. These inspections check for any needed service to the extinguisher.


If during an inspection a fire extinguisher is found to be in non-working order or due for internal maintenance or testing, service will be performed to restore it to full capability. This could be replacing damaged or worn-out pressure gauges, seals, tamper seals, pull pins, handles, hoses, and valves. Services could also include recharging, 6-year maintenance, and hydro testing.

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