Exit/Emergency Lighting

Be prepared for an emergency with clear, reliable and illuminated exit path lighting. In the event of a power outage due to a power failure, storm, fire/smoke, having operational emergency lighting is critical to help guide your occupants to a safe location.


Emergency lighting is installed frequently throughout the building to provide sufficient light in a power outage or fire. Exit lights are installed to guide individuals toward exterior exits. Both are installed in a manner that does not interfere with everyday activities and does not detract from aesthetics.


Monthly and/or annual inspections of emergency lighting and exit lights are performed to ensure lighting would last a sufficient length of time in a power outage. These inspections check for any required service to equipment.



If suboptimal performance is detected during an inspection, service will be performed to restore it to full capability. This could be replacing a deteriorating battery, burnt out bulbs, or faulty wiring. If full functionality cannot be re-established, the light will be replaced.

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